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Spencer Hunn - Enjoying the Fruits of His Labor

From living in a cheap basement apartment and working multiple jobs, to... ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

If you told Spencer Hunn a couple years ago that he would go from a lower-middle class lifestyle to living in the lap of luxury by his mid-20s, he wouldn’t have believed you. But Spencer accepted an amazing opportunity that changed his life and allowed him to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Prior to becoming an ACN Independent Business Owner, Spencer was a “normal college kid” at the University of Utah where he had a scholarship to play baseball. Between baseball, classes and his work as a missionary, Spencer had no spare time and wasn’t exactly looking for a business opportunity. But being a natural leader and entrepreneur at heart, he was beginning to evaluate how he could make the most money with the most lasting effects.

After being convinced to attend an ACN Regional Event in Los Angeles by a co-worker, his questions were answered. In fact, his eyes were opened to what he believed to be an amazing opportunity he simply couldn’t afford to pass up. “My plate was more than full, but I felt I’d be very foolish to let this opportunity pass me by,” Spencer says. “My thoughts were that I know people who pay bills and I know people who want to make money, so I think this will work.”

Working out of Salt Lake City, Spencer became the number one Team Coordinator for all of 2003. Spencer was so impressed with ACN that he got his mother involved in the business. She is now a Regional Vice President, also a leader and icon on Spencer’s team, and has walked away from her full-time nursing career – a development that Spencer proudly calls his “greatest accomplishment in ACN.”

ACN has brought many positive changes to Spencer’s life. In fact, when asked what appeals to him most about ACN, Hunn talks about being able to work from home, wake up when he likes, travel the world, meet people for a living and determine his own paycheck.

For Spencer, the most important impact of ACN is how it has changed him personally: “The biggest change is the personal growth I have had to go through in order to make this work. You have to be a good person in order to succeed in ACN, and I have been forced to grow tremendously. Now I play a large role in changing lives…I like being able to lead others to a better life.”

Today, Spencer leads one of ACN’s strongest organizations, all while dominating the top of the production charts and residing as a permanent fixture on ACN’s Top Ten lists and in all of ACN’s recognition clubs. His system has helped countless Independent Business Owners change their lives and has led him to the top position of the company in just over five years.

Spencer’s advice to new IBOs is simple: “New IBOs need to take this business as serious as a heart attack. It’s simple but the work must be done. Trust the leadership and be coachable. I was 100% coachable and I’m enjoying the fruits of being 100% coachable. I simply observed the people that were where I wanted to be and copied them. If you want what successful people have, just do what successful people do.” 

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.