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Juan Williamson
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Patrick and Michael Maser - Helping People Dream Again

Two brothers kept an open mind, now... ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

Brothers Patrick and Michael Maser were exposed to the direct selling industry as children, watching their parents run a successful home-based business. But after high school, the Maser brothers followed a different track before returning to their family roots.

Michael, the older brother, studied business at Penn State and then began selling cars, a job that made him pause. "I realized I was never going to get rich working for someone else," Michael said. "I was working hard. The problem was that the vehicle I was in was only going to make me so much money. There is only so much time in a day."

Patrick graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and then began a string of businesses. Before a friend introduced him to ACN, Patrick was self employed in his own merchandising business. Though both brothers had achieved some level of success, they knew there was something missing and felt certain they had a greater purpose. Patrick learned about ACN and shared the opportunity with Michael, and the brothers realized they could work together to help others save money and create an opportunity for average people just like them to make money.

Michael opened his mind to the opportunity and was rewarded with a life-changing experience that improved his life financially and personally. “Close-minded kept me in a job. Close-minded kept me skeptical and broke. And when I opened my mind, I really started seeing things differently. I became coachable and learned from the people who already became successful."

Today, like their parents before them, Patrick and Michael have achieved the success they always desired through the direct selling industry. And as brothers, they get to work together and help others achieve their dreams as well. The best part about ACN according to Patrick? “Taking someone and helping them find the winner in themselves. This company is monumental to human potential and what is possible. When your life changes, you change the world."

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.