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Orin Solomon - Winning Across the Board

Looking for a field to play on, now… ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

For many years, Orin Solomon’s talents were showcased on the football field. After finding success in high school, he earned a scholarship and played four years of college football for Villanova University. But his dream to play in the NFL didn’t pan out, and he began to look for a way to win outside of sports.

Orin had just started a job as a social worker and was attending graduate school when his best friend and college teammate discovered ACN and invited him to a Business Opportunity Meeting. Orin was impressed with how the people were dressed as well as the information presented.

“The simplicity of how we do our business appealed to me. I wasn’t the brightest guy, but even I could see that everyone had a phone and these services were bills that people had to pay,” he said.

More than just a business opportunity, Orin saw the ability to grow as a person and help others succeed. He saw that people at ACN wanted to win, excel, grow and prosper while helping others reach their dreams as well. It was such a difference from what he saw in corporate America, where most people were focused on helping only themselves.

While rising to the level of Senior Vice President, Orin realized that he could not make people great. They had to want it for themselves. He believes his role is to find leaders and help them reach their potential.

“I love developing people,” he said. “Seeing someone start from nothing and becoming free is an awesome feeling. I will do this until I die. I have found my calling.” 

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.