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Nathan Goldberg - From Waiter to Life Changer

Too broke to eat at the restaurant where he worked, now... ACN Regional Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

Nathan Goldberg’s dream of helping his mother financially and improving his own circumstances were difficult on a waiter’s salary. When his attempts at other network marketing companies faltered, he followed his friend’s advice and went to an ACN International Training Event. Nathan was impressed with the compensation plan and positive environment he witnessed.

In the beginning, though, Nathan was too embarrassed to bring people to his unimpressive apartment to tell them about the opportunity. Instead, the Montreal resident would tell people he was going to be at a downtown restaurant and they could simply ask the hostess for "Mr. Goldberg's table." It was actually the restaurant where he worked, and the staff agreed to help him look like a big shot. Unfortunately, Nathan could not afford to actually eat there, so he simply sat at a back table for seven hours refilling his single cup of coffee and giving presentations.

By following the advice of his mentors and setting ambitious goals for himself, his ACN business grew steadily. In just 15 months, Nathan reached the level of Regional Vice President while leading countless Independent Business Owners to success. Through his triumph, he not only helped his mother but he also learned a valuable lesson: “ACN has changed me, teaching me that the more blessings I give out, the more I receive,” he said.

As a waiter, Nathan asked people if they wanted coffee. Today, he asks people if they want to change their lives. “I'm not some big business person. I don't have a business degree. But I know this: If a waiter from Montreal can do it, anyone can do it,” he said.

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.