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The City of Dallas
Juan Williamson
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Max Knowles - Enjoying the Options of Financial Success

A freshman in college, now… ACN Regional Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

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A freshman in college, Max Knowles was pursuing a degree in business and law. But with no experience behind him, those he trusted most in life were convinced his past choices would hinder him from success. Frustrated with the personal challenges, Max was desperately looking for something that he would not only succeed in – but something that he could be great at. Although he came from a family who had never experienced financial success, he felt that wealth was something his family deserved. With that mindset, he set all the challenges aside and devoted himself to find the vehicle to get not only him, but his family there as well.

When Max was introduced to the ACN Opportunity, he was impressed as to how simple and straightforward the business was. Most importantly, he realized that his past didn’t matter. “I recognized that if I followed the system, I would achieve my goals 100%. ACN provided the training, the environment and the opportunity. All I had to do was work it.”

Max devoted himself to ACN and attacked the opportunity head-on. Within three years, he hit the esteemed position of Regional Vice President at the young age of 21. “People sometimes don’t understand that less is more. It’s not about being perfect, but being passionate about your future and helping others succeed.”

Today, ACN has provided Max complete freedom. It’s a place where the past doesn’t matter; where he can use all his talents and skills to create great success for him, his family and so many others. Aside from that, ACN has provided him options: Options of where to live, where to work and what car to drive. “ACN has given me the ability to create my future more than I ever thought was possible. It allows us to compete against ourselves and forces us to grow into a person deserving of success at every level.”

With the ability to be his own boss, Max enjoys that he can be where he wants, when he wants, doing what he wants with no time or financial restrictions. And the biggest perk of it all: So can his family! Through ACN, they too have found the way to financial success. 

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.