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Mathieu Lamontagne - Athlete Finds Success Off the Court

Attended school and played college basketball, now... ACN Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

Mathieu Lamontagne was over-extended already when he learned about ACN. He was a full-time college student, playing basketball and working part-time at a liquor store. Still, after basketball practice one day, a friend asked him if he was open to a business opportunity, and he said yes.

Mathieu found time to attend a presentation and saw something different in ACN – they didn’t look at his degree, his age or his background. The company offered a great business opportunity for people with a desire to make something bigger happen in their life. Plus, because it involved telecommunications, Mathieu felt he didn’t have to learn how to sell or learn about all the details of a product because telecom is something that people use every day.

“With ACN, you can decide who you work with, where you work, when you work and how much you want to earn! This meant freedom from my old part-time job,” he said. “With ACN, I have been coached and mentored by people that care for people’s success. I have made more friends and built solid relationships. I work with people who have the same desire and same goals and people who are optimistic about the future.”

Outside of having a beautiful car, a nice home and being financially independent, Mathieu now enjoys the ability to help his family and peers financially, including his mother and his wife’s mother. For Christmas one year, he gave his mother a condo. The next Christmas, he helped her quit her job for good. “She cried, and that was a defining moment in my life! She never had to go back to work again as a nurse,” Mathieu said. “I really want to help other people to have the opportunity to do the same for their families.”

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.