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The City of Dallas
Juan Williamson
Professional Network Marketing  with ACN Independent Representative       Juan Williamson
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Independent Representative
Mark Olshenitsky - Lighting Candle After Candle

Having lost everything after moving to a new country, now… ACN Regional Vice President and Circle of Champions member

As a producer, performer and entrepreneur in Moscow, Russia, Mark Olshenitsky had his eyes set on success. But in an instant – at the peak of his career – he decided to give up his comfortable lifestyle and leave his home country hoping for a better way of life for his family. After moving to Canada, Mark found himself working many jobs trying to make ends meet – from tourism to biotechnology, from real estate to construction – the working hours were endless. Leaving the peak of his career, he soon witnessed a downfall in his life. Mark went from everything to nothing, losing his business, house, money and all hope for the future.

Desperate to see some income in order to survive the month, Mark stumbled across ACN. “The first Business Opportunity Meeting I attended, I saw many people of different nationalities, ages and educational backgrounds. What excited me was to see that every person had an equal right for success in ACN.”

Mark and his wife Lili saw potential in the opportunity and decided to treat the new business as their “baby.” As parents, they never left it unattended and did everything to help it grow and develop. In less than two years, their business had reached Regional Vice President status, which provided the couple incredible residual income that kept coming month after month.

Mark’s philosophy on success was simple: Keep yourself in a good mood, and inspire others to do the same. “Think of a candle. When you use one candle to light more candles, this candle never loses its fire. There is only more light, happiness and joy spread around. And the same for us in ACN – we need to share our fire with others.”

But if anyone were to ask this Independent Business Owner why ACN continues to create success, he’d answer it’s because the company is built on the right foundation by its four Co-Founders who lead by personal example with integrity, honesty and respect for each person in the business. Because of this incredible opportunity put together, Mark and Lili’s life has completely changed by not only resolving their financial issues, but also teaching them how to care about others and love them: “Through this, I understood my mission in life!” 

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.