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Juan Williamson
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James Adlam - Learning the Ins and Outs

A tough environment in pharmaceutical sales, now… ACN Regional Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

With a background in pharmaceutical sales, James Adlam felt as if he was living in a dog-eat-dog world. Marketing products that weren’t necessarily making people feel better also wasn’t what James had in mind. While working tirelessly in the sales environment, a friend in need had approached James to borrow money. Versus paying off the debt immediately, the friend asked James to join him in looking at a business opportunity in which he didn’t realize then, but could pay him back even more in the future – ACN. 

It wasn’t a hard sell for James to see the possibilities that ACN could bring. “The concept of business ownership with low capital investment and residual income? When I saw that, I was blown away.” James isn’t a stranger to the war between time and money; so with the concept of residual income, he knew that ACN was the vehicle that could bridge his gap. What intrigued James most about the compensation – which was something he didn’t find in pharmaceutical sales – was the concept that he could do something in 2010 and get paid on it years later.

With dedication and great mentorship, the driven entrepreneur never gave up. Not allowing himself any excuses to hold back, James kept long-term vision in near sight. One rule that the Regional Vice President teaches his team of thousands of Independent Business Owners is to learn the business. “If you don’t learn your business, you’ll be out of business; and how you learn this business is through ACN International Training Events.”

Today, James has what he’s always wanted: the type of money that allows him to enjoy his life. However, all the free time in the world is not going to stop this Circle of Champions member from introducing others to the ACN Opportunity. “I feel everybody needs to know about this company. If you never make the life-altering money you wanted in this business, the environment alone that ACN creates can make you a better person. Here, you’ll either be better off financially or better off personally – hopefully both.”

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.