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Debbie & Geoff Davis - Success at Home

Busy mom and housewife, now... ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

Prior to joining ACN, Debbie Davis was at home doing what she knew best – raising three children. With no college degree or experience, she never thought she would be successful in business. In hopes that she was wrong, she sought out many different kinds of opportunities to try and earn some extra money while still being able to spend quality time with her family. But nothing she tried provided an equal balance of time, money and personal satisfaction. 

However, success was a part of Debbie's life – her husband's success. Geoff had both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree on his resume and a great job to match. Working his way up the corporate ladder, Geoff discovered that no matter how successful he became, his time was simply not his own. As he neared the top of the corporate ladder, he and Debbie began to realize more and more that their complete financial security was in the hands of someone else and they grew frustrated with someone else telling them how much they were worth. This frustration led Debbie to ACN. 

At ACN, Debbie discovered that she could be her own boss, that she’d determine her schedule and she’d decide how much she was worth! As a result of Debbie's incredible determination and hard work, Geoff was able to walk away from a six-figure income and into their dream home - which had been just a dream for 18 years. The unlimited commission potential and the tremendous freedom through leveraging time and effort, gave Geoff his life back. And it gave Debbie and her children a much greater gift – a full-time husband, business partner and dad. 

"We are living our dreams and have the privilege of helping other people reach their goals and dreams too," Debbie said. "ACN has completely changed my life and given me and my family opportunities beyond our wildest dreams."

Today, Debbie’s organization contains over a million customers and hundreds of thousands of Independent Business Owners. She’s changed their lives financially, but more importantly, she’s simply changed their lives as well as her own. Now Geoff and Debbie are able to see their children off to school and then welcome them home at the end of each day. Family vacations have now become a time in which they can escape to paradise without setting a time to return home. Debbie’s certainly one of ACN’s greatest success stories, but what really matters is that because of ACN, Debbie’s greatest success is found where her heart always resides – at home with her family.

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary.