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The City of Dallas
Juan Williamson
Professional Network Marketing  with ACN Independent Representative       Juan Williamson
 Superior Networker ® Midway Lane, Dallas, TX 75287
Independent Representative
Adrian Eimerl, Jeremy Rose & Shawn Herrick - Making No Excuses

Two college students and a waiter looking for more from life, now... ACN Senior Vice Presidents and Circle of Champions Members

“I started thinking about it. ‘I live with five guys in a four-bedroom house. I eat hot dogs and noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am broke. If these are the best years of my life, my life is going to suck.’ So I got serious about the industry,” Adrian said.

After years of hard work and much success, the company he was working with at the time had folded. Adrian was quickly on the search for a new opportunity. “We knew network marketing worked,” Adrian says. “We wanted to make sure we joined a company that didn’t have the short-comings of our previous company.” After researching ACN, he and his partners knew they had found the perfect match.

Finding great success, it was due to hard work and the company continually evolving with the industry. ACN has not only provided Adrian a way to take part in the future of technology, but he also gets to work with his wife Lyndi. The opportunity allows them to work together when away from the home and better yet, at home. They are both full-time stay-at-home parents to their two young children. “I wake up every day and think, ‘Wow, this is actually our life,’” he says. “It’s a dream come true, provided you’re willing to put in the work.”

The Circle of Champions represent ACN's top producers. Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific efforts. Individual results will vary. 

Jeremy Rose - ACN Senior Vice President

From a seafood restaurant worker to now...Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

Jeremy Rose was attending a junior college while working in a seafood restaurant. A friend introduced him to network marketing through a telecommunications company with the interesting motto of “go to the mall and get people.” Determined to succeed, Jeremy took on the challenge. It took a lot of refusals for Jeremy to finally discover the warm-market approach. Four years later, he went on his way to find himself becoming one of the company’s top Independent Business Owners, continuing that stretch of success throughout the years.

Lacking credibility in the marketplace and integrity in the field, the company he was with at the time declared bankruptcy – causing Jeremy’s 10 years of hard work to disappear in a flash. Seeking a company with a solid foundation, it was in October 2004 when Jeremy was introduced to the ACN Co-Founders. Between the ACN system put in place, and the integrity of the Co-Founders and the IBOs involved, he knew he had found his home with ACN.

Although forced to start from scratch, Jeremy found himself promoted to Senior Vice President in just four short years – both he and his team breaking records along the way. Also, he now has the ability to work with his wife Adrienne who has a Regional Vice President position of her own. Each splitting time between Colorado and California, the power couple enjoys the thrill of helping others achieve success. ACN now gives Jeremy and Adrienne the freedom to do what they want when they want, knowing that the company continues to stand on solid ground – whether they’re out spending time on family vacations or working hard building others’ dreams.

Jeremy described the opportunity perfectly: "ACN has transformed our financial mess into financial freedom for our family.”

Shawn Herrick - ACN Senior Vice President

A bank teller with set hours and set pay to now… Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member

Prior to network marketing, Shawn Herrick was a bank teller and a hard working college student. With set hours and set pay, Shawn felt there was no ability to utilize his skills. He had found a network marketing company that piqued his interest and decided to give it a try. Finding success in the industry, Shawn stayed with the company for eight years and learned all the ins-and-outs of network marketing. Although the company taught him the works, they failed Shawn with their mismanagement. He was looking for a home with ethics, integrity and a future-minded thought process.

In 1994, Shawn had the privilege to fly into Charlotte to meet the ACN Co-Founders and learn about the company. He immediately fell in love with the commitment to integrity he saw, plus the fact that ACN was in a service based industry offering unlimited residual income.

With good old-fashioned work ethic and always going the extra mile, today Shawn has reached the ultimate pinnacle of Senior Vice President. He now has no worries about bills or money, gets to spend time on his boat wakeboarding and enjoys playing guitar for worship teams and church musical functions.

“The greatest quality I’ve learned while with ACN is to put the needs and goals of others before mine.”

Aside from his own goal of learning back-flips on his wakeboard, Shawn is determined to help many others find success in ACN striving to create more RVPs in his organization than ever before.

“You know you have achieved success in life when you’re reality is better than your dreams. That’s a motto I live by.”

Adrian Eimerl - ACN Senior Vice President

Living with five college roommates to now...Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member.

Adrian Eimerl spent five years in school and $50,000 on a genetics degree only to discover it would lead to a career that required long hours for low pay. He was looking for more out of life when he discovered the power of the direct selling industry, but getting serious about it didn’t come until advice was given to him after graduating. His older friends told him to stay in school as long as possible because the working world was horrible and college was as good as it gets.